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MACH 3-5-7 Breakdown Plus

First Business FinanceValuable protection against machinery breakdown and production interruptions.

An extended warranty usually provides cover for electrical or mechanical breakdown caused by failure of a machine component. However, it does not normally provide cover for accidental damage or breakdown caused by operator error or a power surge, short circuit, collision, theft or influx of foreign materials whilst in operation.

This is why you need MACH 3-5-7.

MACH 3-5-7 is not an extended warranty but a carefully designed insurance policy for operators of industrial and commercial machinery to help plan for unforeseen mechanical breakdowns and production interruptions.

MACH 3-5-7 protects:
• Machine tools
• Printing machinery
• Electronic equipment
• Forklift trucks
• Production equipment
• Lasers and light sources for balance of life expectancy

MACH 3-5-7 provides cover for:
• Accidental damage and breakdown
• Unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown
• Operator error, power surge, short circuit and collision
• PCB failure, theft and influx of foreign materials.

Flexible cover and fixed premiums Businesses may choose up to seven year's peace of mind with this flexible insurance cover. Once the level of cover is chosen, payment remains fixed for the whole term and is guaranteed never to rise, regardless of the number of losses reported.

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